Offsite Reading: The AV Club on Drive Angry

Mar 17
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Ever since my roommates and I watched Face Off recently (on VHS, no less), there has been a lot of talk in my life about doing a Nick Cage film fest (via Netflix, obviously). So when my friend Liam sent me this hilarious article the other day about the new Cage movie, Drive Angry, I was intrigued. Now I officially want to see this movie, and according to this article the only way to really do it is in 3D.


So check this article, courtesy of The AV Club, filed under “Offsite Reading” on this here website. Enjoy!!

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  • David Dick-Agnew says:

    This is a must. Nick Cage is a phenomenon.

    However — and I can’t believe AV Club dropped the ball on this — the pivotal role of Cage’s career, the one that distills and epitomizes all that is great about him, is Vampire’s Kiss.

    If you haven’t seen Vampire’s Kiss, you haven’t seen Nick Cage. This movie is a revelation!

  • Elisa says:

    Nick Cage…the legend. Lauren, I do believe the Cage-a-thon has been in discussion for months (next up – Con Air)!
    Saw the trailer awhile ago, and can’t wait to see this movie.