Lupe Fiasco: Review Comparison

Mar 18
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So the new Lupe Fiasco album has come out to very dismal reviews. I am pretty disappointed with the album, as I really enjoyed his previous efforts on The Cool. But let’s face it, Lasers is a dumb name for an album, and the video for “The Show Goes On” sucks, and he is dressed up in his best douche-garb.The reason I am talking about this, is because I read the Pitchfork review of his new record, and it is scathing. Which got me thinking about the review for his last album (also from Pitchfork) which was glowing. I went back and found the review for The Cool, re-read it, and thought the contrast was interesting enough that I wanted to share it with you, gentle readers. Here they are, the review for Lasers and the review for The Cool.

And for some giggles here is the video for “The Show Goes On”:

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