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Lupe Fiasco: Review Comparison

Mar 18

So the new Lupe Fiasco album has come out to very dismal reviews. I am pretty disappointed with the album, as I really enjoyed his previous efforts on The Cool. But let’s face it, Lasers is a dumb name for an album, and the video for “The Show Goes On” sucks, and he is dressed up in his best douche-garb.The reason I am talking about this, is because I read the Pitchfork review of his new record, and it is scathing. Which got me thinking about the review for his last album (also from Pitchfork) which was glowing. I went back and found the review for The Cool, re-read it, and thought the contrast was interesting enough that I wanted to share it with you, gentle readers. Here they are, the review for Lasers and the review for The Cool.

And for some giggles here is the video for “The Show Goes On”:

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Come Up To My Room 2012 is accepting submissions

Mar 8

This is a little outside our usual subject matter, but Come Up To My Room is an alternative design show, so it makes sense to look for submissions from unusual places.

If you’re not familiar with the show, I suggest you check out the website, which is full of examples of previous years’ work. It features a lot of unique, site-specific and really interesting design, all hosted at the historic Gladstone Hotel.

The official call for submissions is here, and will answer most of your questions.  You can ask me any others you may have!  The show runs late January 2012, and submissions are due at the end of May, so you have plenty of time to think about it — creativity is obviously paramount.

And please pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested!  It’s a great launching pad for new ideas, and anyone is welcome to apply.

Offsite Reading

Mar 3

Gentle Readers: a new feature has been added to our sidebar. Offsite Reading collects our recommendations for great articles on other sites. Be sure to check them out! First up: a 5200+ word monster from GQ on the sorry state of mainstream movies, and why branding is eclipsing story and celebrity.

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Gaga me with a spoon

Mar 3

I started writing this blog post as a rant about how awful Lady Gaga’s new video is — not just mediocre, but pandering and commercial and bordering on homophobic with its use of stereotypes.  But after sitting and actually watching the whole thing (the sacrifices I make for you, gentle reader!), I have done — if not a 180, then at least a 90º turn.

I wanted to like Lady Gaga, but she just made it so damn hard.  But every time I decide to hate her instead, I’m forced to concede that she can’t be written off so lightly.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s here latest video, which is a good jumping off point for explaining how Lady Gaga can push conflicting buttons at the same time.


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Kanye West is probably an asshole. (But I still love him).

Mar 1

Kanye West is a bit of a polarizing figure. I find that there are generally two schools of thought about him: that he’s an asshole or that he’s a genius. I am of the mind that both of these things are true, and one of them matters a hell of a lot more to me than the other. And on his latest album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, he has managed to get the critics and the public talking about something other then “Taylor-Swift-gate ’09.”

He told us.


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The King of Limbs – Initial reactions?

Feb 24

Our favourite experimental rockers, Radiohead, are back with another album The King of Limbs. Clocking in at 37 minutes, it is considerably shorter than their previous records. While there is some speculation on this being merely the first part of a much longer record, all we have right now are these eight songs…and this:

Let us know what your initial thoughts are on the album. We’re sure there won’t be a shortage of comments! Their musical output may not always be consistent, but they’re one of the few bands who have maintained relevance for over 20 years in the industry and they’ve proven with every album released that they have no problem provoking discussion and debate.

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Top Summer Music Festivals

Feb 22

As I continue to trudge through this seeming never-ending winter, there’s a glimmer a hope: the lineup releases for this year’s summer festivals. Open air, open minds, and great music. Below, a festival lover’s bucket list.

Photo by Carbon.Based.Paradox, Flickr.


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