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Come Up To My Room 2012 is accepting submissions

Mar 8

This is a little outside our usual subject matter, but Come Up To My Room is an alternative design show, so it makes sense to look for submissions from unusual places.

If you’re not familiar with the show, I suggest you check out the website, which is full of examples of previous years’ work. It features a lot of unique, site-specific and really interesting design, all hosted at the historic Gladstone Hotel.

The official call for submissions is here, and will answer most of your questions.  You can ask me any others you may have!  The show runs late January 2012, and submissions are due at the end of May, so you have plenty of time to think about it — creativity is obviously paramount.

And please pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested!  It’s a great launching pad for new ideas, and anyone is welcome to apply.

I Love You Errol Morris. (You too, Banksy.)

Mar 7

Am I missing something? Wasn’t Exit Through the Gift Shop the best movie of the year?

Errol Morris would think so.  Unfortunately, that might be as close as we get to a review of this movie from him — a real shame given the way the film’s themes overlap with the work Errol Morris has done over the 30 years.


Remembering Freaks and Geeks

Mar 5

Copyright of NBC

I recently read a great memoir (not always antithetical!) written by writer-comedian Paul Feig, creator of one of the greatest comedies of television and film, Freaks and Geeks. The book was called Superstud or How I Became a 24-Year-Old Virgin and it was so funny and reminded me so much of how great the show was that I’ve since started re-watching the DVD. The experience thus far has been bittersweet. Sweet, because I get to enjoy all the offbeat humour and emotionally honest moments on the short-lived series again. Bitter, because I know once I’m done with this DVD boxset the experience will be over. The show was canceled after only eighteen episodes in order to make room for NBC gems like Tommy Lee Goes to College and Crossing Jordan.


Offsite Reading

Mar 3

Gentle Readers: a new feature has been added to our sidebar. Offsite Reading collects our recommendations for great articles on other sites. Be sure to check them out! First up: a 5200+ word monster from GQ on the sorry state of mainstream movies, and why branding is eclipsing story and celebrity.

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Welcome to Wonderkill

Jan 31

Deep down, you know you the thing isn’t as important as what people are saying about it.  I could quote Uses and Gratifications Theory and bore you to death, but what it boils down to is a big part of the enjoyment we get out of popular culture is taking part in the dialogue surrounding it.

That dialogue finds a home here at Wonderkill.  We hope you’ll stay for the conversation.